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A Little Book of Voice,


the english translation of one of my books about voice

this little book is a collection of thoughts and ideas about the practice of voice development beyond art and therapy. How could people be given access to the field of human voice who don´t wish to use their voice artistically? At the same time this book is a brief introduction to the voice work of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy hart


You find it in nearly all english-speaking countries:



















































new CD out now!



two voices

flowing, floating, swaying, wheezing, gushing into tiniest gaps

Breath, froth, frequency shift and static - fringe zones

Minimal shifts from breath to sound and back again

A web of waves as 'organic abstraction'

14 duo vocal explorations


price: 10,- Euro (plus shipping)

order here, then 'Achtung Stimmkunst'